The new normal: FRANCE 24 reports from Cameroon to Germany

THE NEW NORMAL © France 24

In our show "The New Normal", which examines the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, FRANCE 24 brings you four reports from our correspondents around the globe.


Our reports on Covid-19:

Cameroon: Covid-19 is masking another epidemic, that of measles, which has killed 15 people and infected more than 1,200. The cause? The cessation of the country’s prevention and vaccination campaigns in the wake of the global health crisis. Report by Regina Sondo, Lynda Sibafo, Marcel Amoko and Luc Armel Ngouo.

Turkey: Following its relative success in combating Covid-19, Turkey hopes to cash in by becoming a new destination for medical tourism. Report by Shona Bhattacharyya, Ludovic de Foucaud and Hussein Assad.

Lebanon: After lockdown triggered an economic crisis, the already precarious situation of Lebanon’s domestic workers, many of them Ethiopian, worsened. Now they face more uncertainty as they wait to be repatriated. Report by Ines Olhagaray, Ethel Bonet, Diego Ibarra Sanchez and Yuka Royer.

Germany: Demonstrators all over the world are calling for the removal of symbols of slavery, in particular statues. But what should be done with these vestiges of the past once they have been removed? Report by Nick Spicer, Anne Mailliet and Willy Mahler.

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