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Is Haute couture going high tech?

Julia Sieger with Jean-Paul Cauvin from French Haute couture fashion house Julien Fournié.
Julia Sieger with Jean-Paul Cauvin from French Haute couture fashion house Julien Fournié. © FRANCE 24

In this edition, we tell you how the global pandemic is changing the fashion industry, at least temporarily. Fashion weeks are going digital, while clothes are becoming virtual. We discuss the digitalisation of fashion with our guest Jean-Paul Cauvin, the COO of Haute couture fashion house Julien Fournié. 


Supermodel Naomi Campbell opened this year's Paris Fashion Week with a strong message, shedding light on the discrimination black women can encounter in the industry. 

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, fashion houses and designers have had to adapt, with this year's Paris, London and Milan fashion weeks pushed online. The result was a success, with the majority of household names participating. 

Is this part of a broader industry transition to broadcast fashion shows online on platforms like YouTube, Google, Instagram and Hylink? Or is this digital push a one-time phenomenon? We ask Jean Paul Cauvin, the COO of French Haute couture fashion house Julien Fournié. 

>> Paris Fashion Week: Pandemic forces Haute couture to go digital

We also discuss the new trend of digital clothing. The idea is to sell virtual clothes for real money to help quench the appetite of online influencers for constant outfit changes. 

Finally, quality sleep is one of the key factors of good health, a fact many people tend to ignore. In Test 24, Dhananjay Khadilkar tries out the Sleep Analyzer by Withings, which detects sleep apnea and even snoring episodes.

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