Berlin throws clubs 81,000 euro lifeline


Berlin (AFP)

Berlin's clubs and concert halls, closed for four months due to the coronavirus pandemic, have received an average of 81,000 euros each in aid from the city, according to figures published Sunday by the daily Tagesspiegel.

The clubs, which are mainly techno and have helped to build Berlin's reputation as a "party city", find themselves in a difficult financial situation since their closure on March 14 due to the spread of the virus.

The Berlin authorities, however, decided to grant emergency aid to 46 clubs, festivals and concert halls, according to figures from Georg Kossler, a Green member of the state government, quoted by the Tagesspiegel.

Among them are clubs known far beyond the German capital, such as the Tresor, the Kater Club and the gay club Schwuz.

"I want people to be able to dance and party when the days of the coronavirus are over, so our clubs must survive," said Kossler.

Despite a wide relaxation of the restrictions linked to the coronavirus pandemic throughout Germany, no date has been given for the reopening of clubs and discotheques.