Renault protest legality of Racing Point cars

Spielberg bei Knittelfeld (Austria) (AFP) –


Renault on Sunday lodged a protest against Formula One rivals Racing Point over the legality of their cars, dubbed the 'pink Mercedes' due to alleged similarities with the world champions' cars used last season.

The formal protest, which was made just hours after the Styrian Grand Prix, concerns regulations concerning 'listed parts'.

"We confirm that Renault F1 Team has submitted a request to the stewards of the event for clarification on the legality of the Racing Point RP20," tweeted the French team.

"We have no further comment on this matter until the stewards have arrived at a decision."

In the race on Sunday, Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll finished sixth and seventh respectively in the Racing Point cars.

Renault's Daniel Ricciardo was eighth while teammate Esteban Ocon retired.

Under F1 regulations, teams must use parts that they have designed and they are barred from out-sourcing design to a competitor.

Sunday's protest is centred on rear brake pods used by Racing Point.

Parts have been seized and will now be examined and compared to those used by Mercedes last year.

Racing Point are using Mercedes-designed engines as well as gear boxes this season.