Cruyff quits as Ecuador coach without leading team in match

Quito (AFP)


Dutchman Jordi Cruyff has quit as coach of Ecuador without taking charge of a single match due to the coronavirus pandemic, the country's football federation announced on Thursday.

The FEF said in a statement that severance "terms have been agreed" that included "compensation for unilateral termination of the contract by the coach".

The son of late Dutch legend Johan Cruyff was hired in January but he returned to Spain -- where he spent most of his playing career -- once the new coronavirus was detected in Ecuador in late February.

Cruyff was due to return to Ecuador on July 17 to resume his role ahead of an expected round of World Cup qualifiers in October.

Last week, Spaniard Antonio Cordon also resigned as sports director claiming there was "institutional instability" in the federation.

FEF president Francisco Egas was ousted in April by board members accusing him of paying Cruyff and Cordon more than was agreed.

Egas, though, has refused to recognize his sacking and maintains the backing of South American football's governing body CONMEBOL.

The FEF has yet to announce a replacement for Cruyff.