MLS 2023 expansion club unveiled as St. Louis City

New York (AFP) –


St. Louis City was unveiled Thursday as the identity for the Major League Soccer expansion club debuting in 2023 along with Sacramento as the league's 29th and 30th teams.

The name was selected from more than 6,000 fan submissions while a group of more than 20 area designers came up with the team logo, abstract lines resembling the city's Gateway Arch and the area's two rivers, the Missouri and Mississippi, and the team name vertically to the right.

The name, crest and red and blue primary colors were shown on a live-stream event featuring the team owners, the only majority female-led ownership group in MLS.

"St. Louis City... truly represents our region's diverse and optimistic spirit," lead owner Carolyn Kindle Betz said. "Our desire from day one has been to be bigger than soccer and to become part of the fabric of St. Louis and a symbol of our future."

MLS has 26 clubs with a new 27th club starting next year in Austin, Texas, and a 28th team launching in 2022 in Charlotte, North Carolina.