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Parisians queue for hours for Covid-19 tests amid rising infections

Parisians wait hours to access Covid-19 tests as cases surge.
Parisians wait hours to access Covid-19 tests as cases surge. © France 24
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Parisians are having to wait hours for a Covid-19 test as demand increases amid soaring new infection rates across the capital. FRANCE 24 reports from Paris.


As people queue for a Covid-19 test at a Paris laboratory, patience is wearing thin and temperatures are beginning to fray.

“When you’re waiting in line for four hours while sick, it’s hard to empathise with staff,” Florian Cassiau-Hauri, a fifth-year medical student who works at a Parisian testing laboratory, told FRANCE 24.

“It’s difficult, so we get a lot of aggression.”

In France, anyone can access a Covid-19 test for free and usually without an appointment. Longer waiting times, while frustrating for many, are a result of an influx of holidaymakers returning home to Paris after summer vacations in July and August.

Paris has responded to the increased demand for tests by opening a new pop-up laboratory in front of the City Hall. 

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