The Debate

What India after Covid? Country reopens as cases surge


How will Covid-19 change India? Amid the steady rise in confirmed cases comes a true test of resilience. We ask about the fight against the unforeseen pandemic both in cities and those all-important rural areas where two thirds of Indians live. It's about lives and livelihoods: what's changed since last March's sudden lockdown, which left day labourers scrambling and an already slowing economy reeling?


There's no choice but to get back to work. This Monday saw the reopening of the metro in Delhi and other major cities with the notable exception of Mumbai. We ask about the mood and more broadly, the lasting impact on India's social fabric. Do citizens expect more or less from their government and each other? What change will be permanent?

Produced by Charles Wente, Juliette Laurain and Ariana Mozafari.

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