Topless climate protesters target UK parliament


London (AFP)

Topless activists from campaign group Extinction Rebellion chained themselves to the gates of Britain's parliament Thursday to highlight the "bare truth" about climate change, the final action in 10 days of protests.

The women wore "4 degrees C" face masks and warned against the near-term consequences of such a global temperature rise with the words "starvation", "displacement" and "violence" printed on their bare chests.

"Can't bare the truth?" they asked on a banner directed at lawmakers walking past on Parliament Square.

Police officers later removed the D-locks which attached the women's necks to the railings and took them away.

Extinction Rebellion has conducted 10 days of protests, notably blocking a printing works and delaying deliveries of newspapers including Rupert Murdoch's The Times and The Sun.

In a message to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, topless protester Sarah Mintram said: "Why is Boris, his government and Murdoch's press empire ignoring the gravity of the greatest threat life has ever faced?

"This is the truth laid bare. Why don't they care?"