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The 'splinternet': Are the core principles of the internet under attack?

Julia Sieger
Julia Sieger © FRANCE 24

How can we ensure that the internet remains an open and safe place for everyone? We put that question to Konstantinos Komaitis, the spokesperson of the Internet Society. The NGO has just launched a new toolkit to empower people and avoid the web becoming the "splinternet".


But first, the challenge of providing medical care during the Covid-19 pandemic has opened up the market for companies that offer services in Africa, ranging from telemedicine and drone deliveries of medical goods to online purchases of medicine. We tell you about Helium Health, one such inspiring example. 

We also bring you some of the most fascinating tech innovations that have emerged in the wake of the health crisis. Dhananjay Khadilkar tells us what caught his eye, from Africa's first digital cancer clinic to an initiative to boost science innovations on the continent. 

And in Test 24, we try an exoskeleton by the French start-up Japet that's meant to relieve lower back pain, which has become one of this century's leading causes of work disruption.

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