The Debate

How to live with it? Europe scrambles to avoid second Covid lockdown


Avoid hospitals from being overrun again. Avoid a second lockdown at all costs. France but also Spain, the UK and others are all asking one simple question: how to live with Covid-19? In two weeks, the number of French Covid patients in hospital has doubled. So why are citizens in some of the hardest hit areas like Marseille so angry at new restrictions that include the shutting of bars, restaurants and gyms?


Our show includes FRANCE 24's reporting from Sweden, where despite a no-lockdown policy that decimated nursing homes, we hear from one assistant school principal who describes her weeks of agony with coronavirus as a necessary sacrifice. We also go to Stockholm and ask if that faith in the system will hold now that winter is coming. 

It's not just Sweden but all of Europe that will now move indoors until spring. Asking how to live with Covid also means asking how to live in times of Covid. We are social beings as humans. How many parties, school plays, weddings or funerals will have to cancelled or curtailed? Will we still be the same when it's all over?

Produced by Alessandro Xenos, Juliette Laurain and Imen Mellaz.

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