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Paris knife attack, Covid-19 in Europe, Navalny out of hospital, Ginsburg at State Capitol


It's last call for drinks at the bar at 10 pm in Paris. The tightening of Covid-19 restrictions is even stricter in Marseille, where both bars and restaurants are shut for two weeks as of this Saturday. Predictably, the natives are not pleased. The UK is also making it last orders at 10 pm. The further tightening of restrictions is accompanied like in France with a healthy dose of second guessing from the opposition benches and a prime minister who takes the culture wars over Covid compliance and turns them into a reference to the Second World War.


Europe's worst-hit country is Spain and its worst-hit region Madrid, where local health authorities have now extended restrictions on movement to more areas of the capital. More but not all, hence protests by some.

Alexei Navalny hailed "a series of happy coincidences and sharp actions" by pilots and medical workers after his poisoning by Novichok while in Siberia. The Kremlin critic is definitely on the mend since he is back to posting regularly on Instagram. Earlier in the week, Navalny picked up on Le Monde's leak of the conversation where Vladimir Putin reportedly suggested to his French counterpart that he could have poisoned himself.

She is the first woman ever to lie in state at the US capitol. Congress paying tribute to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the progressive icon who passed away one week ago aged 87. Her ill health was no secret but the timing of her death, six weeks before Election Day in the US, raises the stakes to a whole other level. When the president went to pay his respects on Thursday on the steps of the Supreme Court, there were jeers. Among the chants: "Honour her wish". A nod to Ginsburg's request that the Senate wait for Inauguration Day before confirming her successor. And then there is the growing alarm over Donald Trump's refusal to accept the verdict of the people if he loses.

Produced by Yann Pusztai, Juliette Laurain and Laura Burloux. 

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