Space debris: Cleaning up outer space

Julia Sieger and Peter O'Brien
Julia Sieger and Peter O'Brien © FRANCE 24

For the third time this year, the International Space Station has had to steer clear of dangerous space debris. In this edition, we address the issue of space trash with the founder and CEO of the Japanese start-up Astroscale.


But first, as 5G is rolled out in several parts of the world amid much debate, people in a small village in the UK – which had been left unconnected by wireless operators – have taken matters into their own hands. They've spent the last three years building their own mobile network to enjoy broadband mobile speeds. 

We also dig into the hot topic of space debris after NASA was forced to manoeuvre the International Space Station for the third time this year to avoid collision with a piece of space junk. How important a threat is it? How can it be solved?

We speak to Nobu Okada, the founder and CEO of the Japanese start-up Astroscale, which has become the world's first private space sweeper company. It's created a satellite to be launched on a Soyuz rocket that's able to detect and magnetically capture pieces of space junk. 

From nets to harpoons, FRANCE 24's Peter O'Brien tells us about the other innovative solutions that are tackling the problem. 

And in Test 24, we try two telepresence robots: Ubbo and Lobo from the French start-up Axyn, as well as an autonomous industrial preparation robot by Exotec, a company that has just raised €90 million. 

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