The Debate

How to shake the bistro blues? Paris restaurants face second wave of Covid restrictions


Winter is coming, Covid's spiking, so can the food capital of the world cope? After Marseille, authorities are tightening the screws for at least two weeks in Paris. Bars and tapas joints are closed. Restaurant seating is limited in numbers with social distancing rules. Is it enough if hospitalisations continue to rise? And is it enough to keep eateries in business?


Even without restrictions, do Parisians even feel like eating out? Can they take to takeaway? More broadly, what is it we miss about the dining experience of old? What have we learned about food and meals during lockdown? Will it be back to the way it was before? Or – when it is all over – will we approach food in a whole new manner?

>> Bars and cafes close in Paris amid rising Covid-19 infections

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