Covid-19: Infections surge in Europe

Paris (AFP) –


Coronavirus infections have continued to soar in Europe and are also on the increase around the world.

Our weekly roundup of developments in the Covid-19 crisis:

- Surge in Europe -

The coronavirus has continued its progression around the world, with 315,000 new cases on average per day, or six percent more than the previous week, according to an AFP tally on Friday at 1100 GMT.

Once again, the increase is most marked in Europe which recorded 28 percent more than the previous seven-day period.

The number of new daily cases increased there more than five-fold in three months to 84,400 cases this week, against around 15,000 in early July.

But the rate of infections has risen around the rest of the world too: by 11 percent in Africa, six percent in the United States and Canada, three percent in Latin America and the Caribbean, two percent in the Middle East and one percent in Oceania.

Only in Asia is there an improvement with seven percent less cases.

The number of confirmed cases only reflects a fraction of the actual number of infections, as different countries have different counting practices and levels of testing.

- Biggest increases -

Nepal is where the pandemic is most on the rise, with an 81 percent increase to 2,700 new cases per day.

Mexico follows with 71 percent more (8,000 cases), then the Czech Republic with the same percentage rise (3,800 cases), Poland 70 percent (2,600), Belgium 68 percent (2,800), Tunisia 66 percent (1,200) and Italy 60 percent (3,000).

- Biggest drops -

The biggest decrease has been seen for the second week running in Peru, with a drop of 31 percent to 2,900 new cases per day.

Chile follows at -14 percent, (1,600 cases), Ecuador -13 percent (900), Iraq -11 percent (3,900) and India -10 percent (74,700).

- Most infections -

Despite new cases dropping by a tenth, India has still registered the most new infections this week, ahead of the US and Brazil which have 45,700 and 25,900 new daily cases respectively.

While the situation in Brazil is also improving (minus four percent), it is getting worse in the US, with five percent more.

France follows with 13,500 cases or 17 percent more, Argentina 13,100, (five percent), Britain 12,100 (+40 percent), Russia 10,700 (+33 percent) and Spain 10,000, down six percent.

On a per capita basis, when tiny states are excluded, Israel registered the most cases with 423 out of 100,000 inhabitants infected this week, before Montenegro (324) and the Czech Republic (246).

- New deaths -

India has had the most deaths over the past week (978 per day) ahead of the US (689), Brazil (611), Argentina (346) and Iran (215).

- Global toll -

The pandemic has left at least 1,063,000 people dead around the world since it emerged in China in late December, out of more than 36.5 million confirmed infections.

The US remains the country with the heaviest death toll with 212,789, before Brazil 148,957 and India 106,490.