The Debate

Europe's coronavirus surge: Governments struggling to contain spike in infections


We examine the current situation in France and in neighbouring countries with regards to Covid-19. This as the number of new cases across the continent continues to rise at an alarming rate, prompting governments to implement fresh containment measures.


Here in France, nine major cities – including Paris and Marseille – are on maximum alert and nationwide the authorities reported 43,000 new infections during the course of the weekend. So how do European governments keep their citizens safe without infringing on their liberties? Are new national lockdowns an inevitability? 

Will the general public play ball in the event of another lockdown? Anger on the streets of Madrid suggests people are not taking kindly to strict new measures there, or indeed to these kinds of measures. Do we just have to keep calm, carry on and get better at living with the virus?

Produced by Andrew Hilliar, Juliette Laurain and Imen Mellaz.

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