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Morsi supporters and opponents clash in Cairo


Clashes erupted between supporters and opponents of ousted president Mohammed Morsi near Tahrir Square, shortly after the Muslim Brotherhood leader addressed a rally Friday. The health ministry reported over a dozen deaths and hundreds of injuries.


• Clashes between opponents and supporters of deposed president Mohammed Morsi broke out near Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Friday after a crowd of Morsi supporters surged over a Nile bridge toward the square, where anti-Morsi demonstrators have been camped. State TV said at least five people were killed in the clashes.
• Earlier Friday, Muslim Brotherhood chief Mohammed Badie addressed a rally in Cairo, after the Islamist movement denied earlier reports that he had been arrested. Badie said the Brotherhood is ready to reach an understanding with the army, but only if Morsi is reinstated.
• Health ministry officials said at least 17 people were killed and more than 200 others were wounded in clashes across Egypt.
• At least three people died earlier in the day when security forces opened fire on Morsi supporters marching on Republican Guard headquarters in Cairo.
• An army spokesman denied that troops fired on Morsi supporters near the Republican Guard headquarters and said soldiers were only using blank rounds and teargas.
• Egypt’s interim head of state Adly Mansour has issued a decree dissolving the Islamist-led upper house of parliament and has appointed a new intelligence chief.

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