Deported and devastated: A painful homecoming for Afghan migrants

There is concern that the EU is returning asylum seekers to the very instability they fled in the first place. In early October the bloc reached a deal with the Afghan government to deport an unlimited number of the country's asylum seekers. International rankings annually list Afghanistan as one of the most dangerous, violent countries in the world. 


Meanwhile, a billion-dollar dam project in Indonesia is threatening the habitat of one of the world's rarest orangutans. There are only around 800 of the recently discovered species in the wild. Officials says the China-backed project will improve electricity supply, but conservationists worry the environmental risks are too high.

And tourism is booming in one of China's most isolated areas: the Gobi desert. From road trips, to hiking, camping and riding camels, visitors trek along the Silk Road in tours that are catered to adventure lovers.

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