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Meeting those displaced by Mali's Ogossagou massacres, one month on

By: Georja Calvin-Smith Follow | Laura DI BIASIO
1 min

A month after the brutal killings of over 160 Fulani herders horrified Mali, the government is accused of not responding early enough to signs of mounting intercommunal tensions. Rivalry with Dogon hunters is believed to have led to the bloodshed. Our correspondents met some of those displaced by the massacres.


Also, a small South African farming town where, in 2017, two men killed a 16-year-old boy whom they accused of stealing sunflowers struggles to move past racial and social frictions that have deepened since the incident.

And helping lemurs hang on in there. There's a race to save the endagered Madagascan primate from poachers and loggers plundering the country's rich forests.

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