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Covid-19: China denies discrimination against Africans


Africans and the African diaspora have become victims of anti-foreigner sentiment in parts of China. In the southern city of Guangzhou, some homeowners have reportedly evicted their black tenants, forcing them to sleep on the streets. All of this is due to irrational coronavirus fears. A group of African ambassadors has warned Beijing about this growing phenomenon. China's foreign ministry has responded, denying that there's discrimination against Africans in the country. Our Beijing correspondent tells us more.


But first, we see how a curfew imposed in Burkina Faso to fight the Covid-19 pandemic is making it difficult for some of the country's poorest residents to access water.

Also on the show, we speak to the World Resources Institute's Vice President Wanjira Mathai about food shortages as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. Disruptions to supply chains are set to have devastating effects on poor countries who rely on imported food. 

>> 'If you're black you can't go out': Africans in China face racism in Covid-19 crackdown


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