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Montreal massacre: 30 years later, anti-feminist motive acknowledged

By: Genie GODULA Follow | Stéphanie CHEVAL | Rebecca MARTIN | Laura WELFRINGER
14 min

Thirty years ago in Canada, a gunman walked into a university in Montreal, shooting fourteen women dead. It took decades for that massacre to be described as a femicide, a targeted attack on females. Sexism and violence against women are still very present in Canada today. Last year alone, one woman or girl was killed every two and a half days. FRANCE 24's François Rihouay and our team in Montreal report.


Meanwhile, a video filmed at Buckingham Palace went viral this week. It shows the prime ministers of Canada, the UK and the Netherlands alongside French President Emmanuel Macron and the daughter of the Queen, Princess Anne. They all seem to be openly gossiping about the behaviour of US President Donald Trump, who was in London for the NATO summit. This comes as the US president is also facing some rough times at home. The impeachment inquiry against him turned up a notch this week. The House Intelligence Committee published a 300-page report accusing the president of subverting national security by pressuring Ukraine for dirt on Democratic election rival Joe Biden.

Despite the impeachment inquiry, Donald Trump is already in campaign mode for next year's presidential election. But the Democratic race for the White House got a bit smaller this week. US Senator Kamala Harris ended her 2020 presidential bid, saying she simply doesn't have enough cash. The 55-year-old was hoping to be the first woman and second black president in the US. But her campaign got dragged down among other things by her waffling over how to solve the nation's healthcare problem.

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