Top US cybersecurity official warns of threat posed by China's Huawei


Robert Strayer, the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Cyber and International Communications and Information Policy, granted an interview to FRANCE 24 in which he discussed the threat posed by equipment from Huawei, the Chinese telecoms giant, being used in future 5G mobile networks.


"There's a larger cyberattack surface area when 5G technology is deployed because we have so much more software driving those systems," Strayer said. "A nation-state could cause an update to that be compromised in the future."

Huawei "will do exactly what the intelligence and security services want in China", he warned.

The US diplomat also discussed Russian interference in the US elections and said he was "optimistic" an agreement could be reached to resolve the digital tax row between the US and France.

Click on the player above to watch the interview.

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