US gun control: Why some sheriffs oppose 'red flag' laws


"Red flag" gun laws allow for firearms to be temporarily taken away from people in the United States, if a family member or police believe they present a danger. As mass shootings continue to claim lives, several states are passing "red flag" laws, the latest being Colorado. But some sheriffs say the laws are unconstitutional and that they won't enforce them. Our France 2 colleagues report.


Meanwhile, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says he will commit $10 billion to fund scientists, activists and other groups fighting climate change. The announcement comes after Amazon has faced criticism from its own employees for being too slow to reduce its carbon footprint.

Staying in the US, in northeast California, a small town in the Sierra Nevada mountains has been rejoicing after its local paper was saved. With a print run of just 2,400 copies, Downieville's paper is also nearly completely the work of just one resident, who has become something of a local hero.

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