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Covid-19 in Colombia: Health workers feel the strain


Coronavirus cases in Colombia surpassed 600,000 on Sunday. Despite the spike in numbers, a five-month-long lockdown came to an end earlier this week, with a month-long "selective" quarantine being put in place. In the capital, Bogota, though, intensive care units are reaching their limits. Our correspondents Pascale Mariani and Simone Bruno report on the challenges faced by the country's healthcare professionals.


Meanwhile, in Bolivia, social media sites are inundated with messages from desperate families looking for plasma donations for Covid-19 patients. The use of plasma transfusions is one of the ways the country's authorities are treating those infected with the virus. However, across the globe, some experts have questioned the effectiveness of this treatment. Mery Vaca has the story.

Finally, last week Peru extended its national emergency until September 30, while prolonging a lockdown in some areas. But an unlikely hero may have come to the rescue. Scientists are hoping llamas can be an important figure in the fight against Covid-19. Over the past 10 years, the animals' antibodies have been used in both HIV and influenza research. Francisco Zacarias reports.

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