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French film 'Cuties' sparks controversy in the US

By: Olivia SALAZAR-WINSPEAR Follow | Stéphanie CHEVAL | Joanna COCKERELL | Sonia BARITELLO
14 min

In the United States, a French film has found itself at the centre of controversy over the hyper-sexualisation of young girls. It's called "Cuties," or "Mignonnes" in French, and the irony is that it's being accused of the very thing the film is trying to criticise, according to its director. The backlash has prompted an online campaign to "Cancel Netflix," its distributor in the United States. We tell you more.


Meanwhile, devastating wildfires on the West Coast of the US spread toxic smoke into the country, as the natural disaster becomes a war of words in the debate on climate change. 

Finally, looking ahead to the presidential election, America is still undecided. Donald Trump's opponent, Joe Biden, may be ahead in the latest polls but some criticise his campaign for being too tame. We speak to Sonia Dridi, the author of a new book released here in France about the Democratic candidate.

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