Running for the White House - USA 2020

Flags for US victims of Covid-19, Supreme Court seat at stake, focus on Pennsylvania

Running for the White House, by Khetevane Gorjestani
Running for the White House, by Khetevane Gorjestani © France 24

On November 3, 2020, US citizens will elect their new president. The country is currently dealing with racial and social tensions, plus environmental issues as well all the challenges brought forth by coronavirus, which has already killed more than 200,000 Americans. This election is crucial to determine the future of the United States and it will shape the country’s trajectory for the next four years.   


In this first episode hosted by FRANCE 24’s special correspondent in Washington, Kethevane Gorjestani:

- Picture of the week: 200,000 American flags have been planted in front of the Washington Monument, one for every 10 Americans who have died of Covid-19. 

- Latest controversy: The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has triggered a fierce political battle on whether a vacant Supreme Court seat should be filled during an election year. 

- Campaign focus: The Trump campaign focused on Pennsylvania, with two rallies in the state this week. The Keystone state and its 20 electoral votes are shaping up to be the single most important race in this election, with data analysis giving the winner of Pennsylvania a 90 percent chance of winning the presidency. 

- What’s next: Donald Trump and Joe Biden will face off in Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday, September 29f or the first of three presidential debates.

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