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Race to the White House: Trump and Biden clash in chaotic first debate


This week, US President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden faced off in the first of three presidential debates ahead of the vote on November 3. This initial clash was chaotic, full of insults and – for many people – anything but presidential. FRANCE 24's Cole Stangler gives us his take.


The issue of Trump's taxes also came up in that first presidential debate. Trump has always broken with longstanding tradition, refusing to publish his tax returns. But last weekend, The New York Times said he used tax loopholes to pay just $750 in federal tax during the first year of his presidency – and no taxes for several years before that. We examine whether or not that bombshell report will influence voters.

Plus, we look at the coronavirus in Argentina. The country, which was praised for its strict lockdown back in the spring, is now seeing a new rise in cases of Covid-19. 

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