Hong Kong protests: Taking the path of radicalisation


Hong Kong's Legislative Council has become a microcosm of a city divided between pro-democracy demonstrators and those loyal to Beijing. Angry lawmakers were dragged out of the chamber after heckling Chief Executive Carrie Lam, and violence in the surrounding streets has continued in recent days. More than 2,300 people have been arrested in the pro-democracy demos so far, as some protesters take a more radical approach. Our reporters Antoine Védeilhé, Thomas Blanc, Charles Pellegrin and Vivien Wong tell us more. 


Meanwhile, in mainland China, evidence has come to light that authorities are destroying Uighur burial grounds. The Chinese government says it's being done to standardise old graves as part of an urban development programme, but Uighurs living overseas say the destruction is part of state efforts to eradicate their culture.

Also, we look at a tragic record that New Delhi has pledged to address: as the country with the most cases of tuberculosis in the world, India redoubles efforts to wipe out the infectious disease. 

Finally, a children's movie sparks a geopolitical row, with the South China Sea at the centre of controversy surrounding the DreamWorks film "Abominable."

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