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Why Japan's oldest cemetery is becoming a tourist attraction


Tourists from around the world are flocking to Japan's biggest and oldest cemetery, a World Heritage site. The idea of a night-time visit to a graveyard may sound frightening, but visitors say it's inspiring. We tell you more.


Meanwhile, Pakistan's biggest city, Karachi, has been named among the five least liveable cities in the world. The ranking by the Economist Intelligence Unit measures a range of factors such as living standards, crime, political stability and the effects of climate change. 

Also, China has an ambitious vision for the Mekong River, hoping to put it at the heart of a vast transport network. But the plan could threaten the local environment and livelihood of millions of people living further downstream and in neighbouring countries.

Finally, in China, the street dancing scene is dominated by the elderly. Tens of thousands of them practice it across the country to socialise and stay fit. 

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