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Hong Kong: Underground medic network treats injured demonstrators

By: Nadia CHARBIT | Camille FEVRIER | Patrick LOVETT | Sonia BARITELLO
14 min

For over six months, Hong Kong's pro-democracy protesters have been taking to the streets in a sometimes violent face-off with police. At their side, volunteer medics provide frontline care to those injured in the clashes; medical help that protesters avoid seeking elsewhere for fear of arrest. The doctors themselves are also facing a crackdown by authorities. Our colleagues from our sister channel France 2 followed these masked first aiders.


Meanwhile, a go-to product for soothing joint and muscle pain, Tiger Balm is used across Asia and beyond, selling 60 million units a year. But what's inside those little glass pots? The ointment's wintry camphor smell might provide a first clue. We find out more by going behind the scenes of the company's headquarters in Singapore.

And how about heading off to the "world's most beautiful island"? That's the accolade awarded to Siargao, in the Philippines, by Condé Nast Traveler. The coveted title is bound to bring with it a wave of new tourists, but is the island prepared? We take a closer look.

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