Australia bushfires: Over a billion animals feared dead in mega-blazes


More than 60,000 square kilometres have already burned, hundreds of fires are still raging and experts say Australia's bushfire crisis could get worse before it gets better. And though people can flee or be evacuated, the flames are devastating wildlife. Even for the animals that do survive, their habitat is destroyed, so the true scale of loss is not yet clear. We take a closer look.


Meanwhile, the popularity of pink Himalayan salt has exploded in recent years. Its qualities are praised in kitchens and beauty spas alike. So even if you're familiar with it, you might not know that it comes from Pakistan. However the country is unable to fully reap the profits, as our correspondents Shahzaib Wahlah and Solène Fioriti explain.

Finally, Korea's K-pop industry might be the billion-dollar sector that captures the headlines, but there's also a healthy heavy metal scene in the country these days, with underground venues popping up across Seoul. We find out more about the group Monsters Dive - one of the metal bands leading the charge.  


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