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'China does not want a Cold War with the US,' says Chinese ambassador to France


In an interview with FRANCE 24, Lu Shaye, the Chinese ambassador to France, discussed the current tensions between Beijing and Washington. He also talked about China charging two detained Canadians with spying, plus the situation in Hong Kong and the new outbreak of Covid-19 cases in Beijing.


"According to the information I have received, every day there are still a few dozen confirmed cases [of Covid-19], but according to epidemiologists everything is under control," Lu said in response to questions about the new coronavirus outbreak in Beijing. "China has a lot of experience with this type of situation. And the health and prevention system has been perfected now."

With regard to fraught relations with the US, Lu said: "China does not want a Cold War with the US.

"Even if the Trump administration has been pushing for cutting ties, this is not what we want. We believe it is not even possible to cut ties with China, and if Americans should adopt this policy, this would be shooting themselves in the foot."

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