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In India, Covid-19 pushes poorest children into work


In this week's edition, we focus on the world's second most populous nation: India. With the country soon expected to become the hardest hit by Covid-19, experts believe that the outbreak is disproportionately affecting some 40 million children from the poorest Indian families, who are now being pushed into child labour. Our correspondents Suhel Khan, Adil Bhat and Mandakini Gahlot report from New Delhi.


Meanwhile, China says it's close to crossing the finishing line first when it comes to finding trustworthy coronavirus vaccines. Scientists claim 610 million doses will be available by the end of the year, and one manufacturer says its product – known as "CoronaVac" – will soon be ready to be shipped globally. But not everyone is happy with the way these drugs have already been used.

And finally, when you think of a rat, many of you will surely think of a dirty nuisance that likes to scratch around in your rafters. But one very special rodent has been decorated with a gold medal for putting his nose and whiskers to good use. Named Magawa, he has been rewarded for his devotion to duty for sniffing out landmines and other explosives in Cambodia.

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