Smart cities in the wake of Covid-19


As the Covid-19 outbreak continues to spread, especially in Latin America, it’s becoming clear that this pandemic has radically altered the way we interact and think about our cities. In this edition, we tell you how mobility players in particular need to prepare for the new world ahead.


The electric air taxi business was on the rise before the pandemic, with Uber's Elevate initiative and Boeing leading the way. Following the global Covid-19 outbreak, however, and the related economic downturn, the business could take a serious hit. At the same time, such individual types of transportation could also be encouraged in a post-pandemic environment. 

We continue to dig deeper into how Covid-19 is set to change the way we move around our cities with our guest Julie Chrétien, a project manager at 6T, a consulting firm specialised in mobility issues. We ask her what lies ahead for micro-mobility and shared-mobility providers and whether cities can become even smarter after Covid-19. 

Dhananjay Khadilkar will also give us insight into some exciting technologies that are being deployed for developing the clean energies of the future and other innovations that will help cities become pandemic-proof. 

And in Test 24, he'll also try to beat the traffic while staying safe with the features-packed e-scooter Tier. 

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