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Don't speak: Has Covid-19 caused the demise of the call centre?

Rob Locascio, CEO of Liveperson Inc.
Rob Locascio, CEO of Liveperson Inc. © FRANCE 24

Is the call centre doomed? Many companies have had to completely reorganise their operations during the Covid-19 pandemic, with some turning to chatbot technology to support or replace their call centres. In this programme, we speak to Rob LoCascio, CEO of LivePerson, which specialises in this technology. He has seen a massive increase in demand for its services in recent months and believes the pandemic has caused a permanent shift in the sector that employs some 15 million people around the world.


Also on the show: why economists are worried that individuals are saving too much and risk derailing a recovery from the coronavirus recession.

Plus, the French e-commerce company rewarding its workers with a four-day week, after a surge in business during lockdown.

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