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France 24, the company

FRANCE 24 - Liberté, Égalité, Actualité

3 television channels

France 24 consists of three separate TV channels which broadcast in French, English and Arabic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They share the same mission of providing a global public service and a common editorial stance. The website is also available in three languages. The journalists from the three channels work together, pooling their expertise.


France 24 broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week to 250 million TV households in 177 countries around the world. In addition to this non-stop broadcasting service, 71 million TV households receive the channel through part-time distribution agreements with national broadcasters.

19 satellites carry at least one of France 24’s three signals to ensure worldwide coverage, allowing direct satellite reception as well as access through nearly 700 distribution contracts with pay providers.

The channel is available via cable, satellite, ADSL, on mobile phones, tablets and connected TVs. France 24 is also available via DTT in several countries around the world: Italy, Denmark, DRC, Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Nigeria, Uganda, Cape Verde, Guinea, Mauritius, Estonia, Haiti, the United States, Laos and Cambodia.

In 2013, France 24 notched up over 40 million new TV households, thanks notably to a historic agreement in India where the English channel can now be accessed by one out of four Indian TV households. France 24 is now also widely distributed in the San Francisco area in California, after becoming available to 2.5 million households in the region.

A Paris-based newsroom with a large network of correspondents

France 24’s Paris newsroom is composed of over 400 journalists, representing 35 nationalities, and relies on a network of several hundred correspondents in nearly every country in the world. The channel’s journalists travel to the far flung corners of the world to report on major events.

Key dates

  • 5 December 2006: Exclusive worldwide launch on the Internet
  • 6 December 2006: French and English channels broadcast to 80 million households around the world
  • 2 April 2007: France 24 in Arabic launches with four hours of programmes per day
  • February 2009: France 24 becomes the first news channel in the world available live and free of charge in three languages via iPhone
  • 12 October 2010: France 24’s Arabic channel begins broadcasting 24/7
  • February 2011: Over 2 million France 24 mobile phone applications downloaded across the world
  • January 2013: New programmes are launched on all three channels and the schedules adapt to the channel’s different audiences.
  • December 2013: France 24 crosses the threshold of 250 million TV households, notches up 14 million monthly Internet users and has 6.5 million followers on social networks. For its seventh anniversary, the channel launches its new programme schedules, a new broadcast design, new control rooms, a new website and proudly unveils its new tagline ‘Liberté, Egalité, Actualité’

France Médias Monde

Watch and listen to the world

France Médias Monde, the group in charge of French international broadcasting services, comprises the trilingual news channel FRANCE 24, the international radio station RFI and the Arabic-language radio station Monte Carlo Doualiya. From Paris, they broadcast to the world in 14 languages.

The group’s journalists and its unique network of correspondents offer viewers and listeners comprehensive coverage of world events, with a focus on cultural diversity and contrasting viewpoints via news bulletins, reports, magazines and debates.

Every week, France 24 boasts an average audience of 41.7 million viewers, RFI 34.5 million listeners and Monte Carlo Doualiya 6.7 million listeners (weekly audience - no extrapolation). Their new media platforms attract 24 million visits a month.

France Médias Monde is also a shareholder and partner of the French-language general interest TV channel TV5MONDE.