TV series show: 'The Hookup Plan', 'Mrs. Fletcher' and 'Modern Love'

ENCORE! © Emmanuel Guimier/Netflix

FRANCE 24’s Dheepthika Laurent joins us to talk about the latest series to hit the small screen. Two years after the #MeToo movement kicked off, we focus on the changing place of women both behind and in front of the camera. Netflix France has brought "The Hookup Plan" back for a second series; we discuss the relative merits of this very Parisian series. Meanwhile, HBO's "Mrs. Fletcher" sees Kathryn Hahn play a 40-something divorcee rediscovering her sexuality. We also discuss the pioneering shows that put women front and centre prior to 2017.


And the very glossy "Modern Love" takes inspiration from the ever-popular New York Times section, setting romantic stories to a Big Apple backdrop.

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