The Golden Age of TV series: Streaming revolution spawns surge in original content


Behold the golden age of television streaming and pass the popcorn. Whether you're in search of that new series to binge-watch or seek out the documentary that will change the conversation on the hot topic of the day, the bidding war between entertainment industry giants has viewers glued to our screens and at prices that can't be beat.


But beware, happy television viewers, the joy will not last forever. That $650 billion binge, as The Economist called it in a recent cover story, is a race for market share. And when the dust settles, expect plenty of analogies to Game of Thrones.

In the meantime, how does streaming change the way we tell stories? The Golden Age of Hollywood did not factor in vast swathes of the planet, because vast swathes of the planet didn't yet have movie houses. So what happens when your potential audience is the whole world?

Produced by Alessandro Xenos, Juliette Laurain and Ariana Mozafari.

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