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Film show: Looking back at the work of Gilles Caron, the 'James Dean of photojournalism'

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13 min

Film critic Lisa Nesselson applauds a documentary about the truncated life and career of photographer Gilles Caron, who's been described as the "James Dean of photojournalism". The female director takes a personal approach to Caron's work in Nigeria, Northern Ireland and Israel and provides a compelling portrait of a key witness of the second half of the 20th century.


We also take a look at director Atiq Rahimi’s detour to 1970s Rwanda, as "Our Lady of The Nile" highlights how arbitrary and deadly interethnic tensions begin in the classroom. 

Meanwhile, "The Translators" assembles an impressively polyglot cast but fails to impress our critic, despite the literary and linguistic intrigue at the heart of the film.

And we look south to Clermont-Ferrand, where short films are being honoured for the 42nd year running, in the world's largest celebration of small-scale features.

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