Film show: François Ozon's sun-drenched romance takes us back to the 1980s


At 17 years old, François Ozon was so inspired by a book named "Dance on My Grave" that he decided it would be his first film as an aspiring director. Now, 35 years on, he's transposed this English teen romance to France and the heady "Summer of 1985". Film critic Lisa Nesselson tells us why she was charmed by Ozon's take on this same-sex love affair. We also check out an impressive and strange début from Algerian director Amin Sidi-Boumedine: "Abou Leila" revisits the dark days of Algeria's civil war and blends Western codes with metaphysical visions.


Plus, we discuss the tentative return to movie theatres following the Covid-19 lockdown lifting in France.

Finally, veteran director Philippe Garrel returns with a black and white ode to tear-stained romantic entanglements.


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