Kourtrajmé gets its close-up: Grassroots cinema from the Paris suburbs


In 1995 "La Haine" rocked French cinema to its core, and the shockwaves were felt across society, from artistic circles to the underprivileged suburbs it depicted. One bittersweet phrase from the film's script sums up its dark sense of humour: "jusqu'ici tout va bien" (or "so far, so good"). That catchphrase is now the title of an exhibition in Paris which is showcasing the achievements of the Kourtrajmé collective which started in the suburbs at that time.


The project has gone on to incubate the talents of a new generation of filmmakers under the guidance of directors like Ladj Ly, Romain Gavras and photographer JR. Our culture editor Louise Dupont sat down with JR himself and Mathieu Kassovitz to find out more.

We also take a look at the crisis in the tour guide sector, as the city of lights loses its sparkle for foreign visitors and Ai Weiwei's latest documentary "Coronation" takes aim at China's handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

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