Divided Europe: EU leaders claim compromise on migrant policy

Angela Merkel warned ahead of the EU summit that Europe's destiny was at stake with a battle over borders becoming a battle of values. To reach a deal, European leaders pulled another one of those trademark all-nighters, with a compromise where EU leaders agreed to share out refugees on a voluntary basis and create so-called "controlled centres" inside the European Union to process asylum requests. Will it be enough to stop the slanging between France's president and Italy's interior minister?


Our panel also discuss why Mexico is poised to swing to the left with an electorate that's had enough of corruption and violence. We look at the firebrand frontrunner who's nonetheless pledging to handle his US counterpart with civility. Last but not least, why do some so-called fans feel it's okay to kiss and grope female sports reporters at the World Cup?

A programme prepared by Daniel Barney and James Vasina.

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