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Beijing's brand of capitalism: The terms and conditions of doing business with China

What are the terms and conditions of doing business with China? Western business executives off the record say they're spooked by the arrest of two Canadian nationals in what's seen as retaliation for the extradition proceedings launched in Vancouver against the chief financial officer of phone and tech giant Huawei. The charges pressed by the United States raise questions that go well beyond the current trade war with Beijing and the battle for tech supremacy.


On Tuesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping is to make a major address from the Great Hall of the People to mark the 40th anniversary of Deng Xiaoping's decision to open up the economy. We would learn in time that communism was indeed compatible with China's brand of state-sponsored capitalism. But how about free trade and the rule of law?

Groups like Huawei are coming under newfound scrutiny over their ties to China's security apparatus. Does the digital age boil down to a choice between playing by the rules of a China that's cracking down harder than ever on dissent and a Silicon Valley which stands accused of putting profits above all else? The two sides are rivals and they do business together. Where does that leave the rest of the world?

Produced by Charles WENTE, Laure FOURQUET and James VASINA.

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