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The Debate

Venezuela's next battleground: Maduro rejects humanitarian aid convoys

Will humanitarian aid prove a desperately needed lifeline for Venezuelans - or the next battleground in the standoff that's got the whole planet picking sides? While the Trump administration cuts oil payments and claims all options are on the table to force Nicolas Maduro to stage fair elections, it has also announced an aid corridor through US allies Brazil and Colombia. Is Maduro right to reject that aid? What happens next?


Already many Venezuelans have to cross into neighbouring states for medicine and supplies, such is the dire situation at home. Some return, other don't. We'll ask what's really in the interest of the population, and in the interest of nations that have followed the United States' lead in recognising parliament speaker Juan Guaido instead of Maduro but who balk at the prospect of foreign military intervention. Are they now beholden to what Donald Trump decides?

Produced by Charles WENTE, Jimena MORALES-VELASCO, Elom TOBLE and James VASINA.

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