The Debate

White supremacist threat: New Zealand's global call to counter ideology of hate

Jacinda Ardern's call in the wake of her country's worst-ever terror attack throws down the gauntlet to the entire planet. We've focused on radical Islam. Have we underestimated the threat from the far-right? And are they two sides of the same coin?


Meanwhile, the US president dismisses the threat of white supremacists. Donald Trump instead calls the Christchurch massacres a "senseless" act. Was it senseless? Or part of a carefully-crafted ideology? How much of the radicalisation is down to politicians preying on the sense of fear and disenfranchisement of citizens whose world is changing fast?

That sense of being dispossessed of one's livelihood and prospects is real. How to address it so it doesn't wind up feeding an echo chamber of violence and hate?

Produced by Alessandro XENOS, Ingri BERGO and James VASINA.

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