Ten days to sort it out: How to avoid a no-deal Brexit?

Ten days out and this time, unless something or someone gives, no-deal Brexit here we come. The UK parliament offered itself a second chance to seize the initiative on Brexit on Monday and although some of the indicative votes were close, all the night could muster was a quartet of "Noes". That's a reflection of a nation where parties, communities and families are divided.


No wonder Britain is ruled by a minority government that's split in two over its interpretation of the mandate from the people to deliver a divorce deal with the European Union.

So why not clear the air with a general election? Would it really deliver another hung parliament? Meanwhile, with ten days to go before the UK could crash out of the EU without a deal, the prime minister soldiers on with a mission that's a lot about keeping the Conservative Party that she's devoted her life to from crumbling.

At this point, are we on the continent reduced to spectators? As the Irish prime minister visits Paris, what response to Brexiteers who begrudge Europe for insisting that the UK's only land border with the EU remain open? What way forward?

Produced by Charles WENTE, Ingri BERGO and James VASINA.

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