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Brexit limbo: How long does London need?

It's not just the UK in Brexit limbo. The European Union is convening for an emergency summit in Brussels where Theresa May's request for a second extension until June 30 is expected to be rolled over yet further, so that we don't have to report every few weeks on emergency Brexit summits. So what is a reasonable delay?


Sooner rather than later, says Emmanuel Macron, with the UK press comparing France's president to Charles de Gaulle who twice rejected Britain's entry into the Common Market. How much of that is grandstanding ahead of next month's European elections? That's for our panel to say.

Speaking of those elections, what impact will the probable return of UK MEPs have on the next EU parliament, one that's already slated for change? This as populists of various stripes are expected to further chip away at the main centre-right and centre-left voting blocs of old. What will the Brexit effect be on EU policy?

Produced by Alessandro XENOS, Ingri BERGO and James VASINA.

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