Erdogan's war: Turkey dismisses NATO objections to Syria offensive

France 24 Debate
France 24 Debate France 24

There’s no turning back for Turkey. It was midnight local time when Ankara sent its troops across the Syrian border, shrugging off calls for restraint and words of warning from allies inside the Atlantic Alliance. Could it be the beginning of the end for a club of military powers born with the Cold War? We weigh the consequences for NATO members if they stand idle… and the consequences if they actively confront a Turkey that's taking on the same Kurds who liberated the area from the IS group.


What happens now to captured jihadists and their families, currently still in captivity in Kurdish-held territory? More broadly, how to protect the estimated 1.7 million inhabitants in harm's way?

As the UN Security Council convenes, we’re asking how it all came to a head so suddenly. We weigh the Turkish leader's reaction to EU condemnation. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to open the floodgates for the Syrian refugees on his soil. And yes, we again revisit Sunday's telephone call between Erdogan and Donald Trump. The US president confused his audience with remarks on Wednesday that clearly show a personal preference for Erdogan - who is now invited next month to the White House - over the Syrian Kurds who are still hosting US military advisors.

Produced by Alessandro XENOS, Juliette LAURAIN and Ingri BERGO.

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