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Turkey's invasion, NBA-China row, Nobel Peace Prize

By: François PICARD Follow | Alessandro XENOS | Juliette LAURAIN
46 min

Only 72 hours after a Sunday phone call between the US and Turkish presidents and Donald Trump's withdrawal of troops from northeast Syria, Turkey has launched a cross-border offensive against the Kurds, with casualties on both sides, tens of thousands displaced and the stated aim of creating a 30-kilometre buffer zone inside Syria to keep Kurds allied with Turkey's PKK insurgency from the border.


Meanwhile, all it took was a quickly deleted tweet to test the United States' standing as the guardian of free speech. Protests took place in Shanghai ahead of Thursday's first of two preseason NBA matches between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets. The Houston Rockets’ general manager sparked furore with his ephemeral defence of Hong Kong's pro-democracy's movement. Events have been cancelled, sponsors and television coverage dropped.

And Abiy Ahmed has only been Ethiopia’s prime minister for 18 months. As well as making peace with his neighbours, he has released political prisoners and reformed domestically. This Friday, he was awarded the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize.

Produced by Alessandro XENOS, Juliette LAURAIN and Florence VIALA.

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