Brexit breakthrough? Talks intensify on eve of last-chance EU summit


Silence can be golden if you're in the homestretch of a hard bargain. On the eve of a last-chance EU summit in Brussels, negotiators are giving reporters little to go on. So is this it, the final push towards a Brexit divorce deal? We ask if it will be enough to satisfy all sides including in Northern Ireland and Dublin, plus enough to satisfy the rest of the EU.


And will it be enough to satisfy at least 326 members of the UK parliament? If Boris Johnson succeeds where Theresa May's deal failed three times, then it will be on to a general election in the UK. The winner of that gets to start a whole new negotiation with Europe for a trade deal.

In any case, by Friday, when the summit ends, leaders may finally know this time if Brexit is actually happening for certain. What kind of an EU could we expect with the UK on the outside looking in?

Produced by Alessandro Xenos, Juliette Laurain and Ingri Bergo.

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